Friday, January 20, 2012


Better late than never. We celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve with a nice big dinner first. After dinner the girls wanted to open gifts right away but they still have not learned that we need to take picture's first. Christmas day we went to church and came home and made a brunch. The girls opened their stockings will the food was cooking. After we ate we opened our gifts. I love seeing the girls faces while they open their gifts. This year Kenzie was not so happy about any of her gifts and she sure let us know. Corey always gets the girl's a little something from him. This year he went for "boy" toys a nurf guns, over the door basketball hoop, and a pink bb gun. Late afternoon we headed to the farm to do the chores for Coreys dad. The girls love going to the farm to help. Brooke and Ashley helped put the hay in the cow pins. After the farm we headed to Coreys parents house. We usually go sledding, but no snow this year so they did a scavenger hunt in the house. We opened stocking and then had supper. The kids couldn't wait to open gifts so we let them open gifts first. While the kids played with their new toys us adults opened out gifts. We had a great Christmas this year!!